Inner Resilience Series

Module 1

The purpose of these courses is to share practices that build resilience physically, psychologically and emotionally. As we cultivate inner resilience, we have found life becomes Self led.

We define a Self-led life as one full of presence, connection, mindful choice, adaptability and joy. This way of being calls forth the sharing of one's deepest purpose.

Understanding, Self-Awareness, Relaxing and Reshaping

Module one sets the foundation for the other courses. 

The modules and practices are presented in a deliberate sequence that mirror how the brain and the nervous system develop future skills. Each practice builds on the next so that you are guided step by step through a process of strengthening your resilience so that you can respond increasingly skilfully to life’s challenges. 


In the first module we take time to explore the importance of the breath in psychological, physical and emotional well-being, healthy breathing habits, the structure and reaction tendencies of the nervous system and how the brain works. 

We then provide a clear map of how to train the brain, the nervous system, the breath to respond to life’s challenges in increasingly skilful and effective ways. 


We take this knowledge inwards into the personal realm. We start to sense and observe; our breathing habits, our nervous system reaction tendencies and our patterns of holding physical tension in the body.

We look and explore questions such as:

How does my breath change during certain activities?

What are my nervous system reaction tendencies under stress?

What do the different branches of the nervous system feel like? Do I have a tendency to get stuck in one part?

How is my focus or adaptability under stress?

With Self Awareness the decision-making part of the brain comes online, and we can assess if these patterns are serving us. If they are not, then the Inner Resilience practices help to rewire and reshape those brain or nervous system tendencies to more beneficial and skilful ones.

Somatic Intelligence

Our most fundamental response to all of life’s challenges start in the body. We therefore begin with body-based practices such as breath, movement, conscious relaxation, embodying the branches of the nervous system and the art of sensing in.  These practices both allow us to answer the above questions and help manage and reshape the stress and survival response of the nervous system, help strengthen a felt sense of safety and build up the capability for the brain to stay online under adversity and stress.

When we are at home, rooted and connected to the signals of the body, life moves from reaction and avoidance to aware choice and experiencing its fulness. 

Topics included:

  • Creating a safe container
  • The importance of the breath for mental, emotional and physical well-being. 
  • Healthy breathing habits. 
  • Nose vs mouth breathing
  • The importance of CO2 in the body- How to test your levels, how to increase your levels and why.
  • The subtle breath
  • Creating a breath journal. 
  • The different branches of the nervous system and what they feel like. 
  • Making a map of your nervous system reactions to daily life.
  • Fascial Unwinding sequence for physical health. 
  • Core Breathing
  • Conscious Relaxation Techniques
  • Yin sequence of practising- the breath and sensing in in moments of challenge. 


Jan 21, Feb 4, Feb 18, March 4, March 18, April 1


We will meet every two weeks online at 17-19 CET over a three-month period. 


There will be daily home practices of 30 minutes and a forum for questions and sharing.


330 Euro’s.

Please note that it possible to pay in installments if needed. 

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