Inner Resilience Series

Module 2

Sensing in, Self Attunement, Inviting challenge and Self Leadership

Sensing in 

Interoception is the practice of feeling our inner experience. When we practice sensing the body’s signals it builds up the part of the brain called the Insula.  This part of the brain helps guide signals from the body to the decision making part. Therefore, Interoception is one of the most important skills to remain ‘online’ and centred in a stressful moment rather than ‘hijacked’. The greater the awareness of body-based feelings the greater control one has over their life. 

Self Attunement

Deepening the practices of sensing and interpreting the signals sent from the body and nervous system make it possible to return and rest in the body’s physiological state of well-being in challenging moments. From this inner place of well-being we learn how to meet powerful emotional surges and nervous system reactions without being ‘hijacked’ by them. This is the move from ‘being in’ a reaction to ‘being with.’ From avoiding or trying to get rid of certain parts of ourselves we move to acceptance, connection and integration of our various inner voices, emotions and parts that make up our personal self.

Inviting Challenge

Inviting challenge in a safe setting provides a wonderful way to retrain the nervous system, the breath and the brain’s response to challenge.  We learn and recover ways of responding to this challenge with a calm breath, centred nervous system and an online brain. 


With continued practice of the Inner Resilience methods we have found daily life becomes Self-Led. We define a Self-Led life as one that is filled with presence, choice, compassion, creativity, and purpose when life is in flow and even when it’s at its most turbulent.

Please note: Module two builds on the practices from Module one. Module one is therefore a pre-requisite to attendance. 

Topics included:

  • Practices to release the diaphragm 
  • The benefits of breath suspension
  • Short Breath Holds and diaphragm hugs
  • Udyana Bandha
  • Yin yoga for Interoception
  • Dynamic yoga to Invite nervous system challenge
  • An introduction to The Internal family system’s model of Self
  • Mapping your inner parts
  • ‘Being with’ meditation practice
  • Gratitude practices
  • Loving Kindness meditation
  • Grounding relaxation practice


April 8, April 22, May 6, May 20, June 3, June 17


We will meet every two weeks online at 17-19 CET over a three-month period. 


There will be daily home practices of 30 minutes and a forum for questions and sharing.


330 Euro’s.

Please note that it possible to pay in installments if needed. 

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